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Smt. N. Swarnalatha is perhaps the only prolific woman artist in India who has contributed immensely to women’s issues and a wide range of compelling social causes through the medium of fine arts. Artist Swarnalatha is the harbinger of a new trend that employs fine arts to convey powerful messages about myriad social issues impacting global citizens.She has created an exclusive collection of thought-provoking and soul stirring paintings that depict the status of women in contemporary society, bringing to the fore not only the stark realities that assail women but also the indelible impact of social injustice, exploitation and discriminative treatment on their psyche.

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Swarnalatha in Phoenix Manithargal
TV : News7 Tamil
Program : Phoenix Manithargal
Date : Sep 8, 2019

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Latest Paintings
Child Abuse

The abused girl child in an inhumane society is like a ravished butterfly that has just emerged out of its cocoon. What blasphemy, the wings of the guileless being are shorn and thrown apart?

Acid Wash

All it takes for the society to demolish the life of a Woman are a few drops of acid. Demolished by acid wash, the most heinous punishment any human being can be subjected to, the Woman continues with her duties of nourishing her family- ridiculed, pained, cast away from the world. A beautiful life snuffed out forever.


When the pain reaches a crescendo…. This extraordinary depiction of pain shows the focus of pain in the exposed body parts that throb under the affliction of immeasurable pain.

The Pain of Creation

Even the creation of a new life is not free from pain. As the new life is unleashed into the world, the pain that ravishes the Woman cannot be compared to any torment that mankind can comprehend.

Solitary Confinement

What is life, but a solitary confinement for a woman surrounded by prickly thorns? The Woman is just a caged bird, guileless and soulless.