Smt. N. Swarnalatha is perhaps the only prolific woman artist in India who has contributed immensely to women’s issues and a wide range of compelling social causes through the medium of fine arts. Artist Swarnalatha is the harbinger of a new trend that employs fine arts to convey powerful messages about myriad social issues impacting global citizens. She has created an exclusive collection of thought-provoking and soul stirring paintings that depict the status of women in contemporary society, bringing to the fore not only the stark realities that assail women but also the indelible impact of social injustice, exploitation and discriminative treatment on their psyche.

Her paintings have been appreciated world-wide for their captivating portrayal of the innermost feelings of angst and sufferings of women’s pained hearts, yet filled with love and devotion to humankind. A large part of her artistic creations are endowed with a compelling social message such as crime against women, sexual harassment, infanticide and child abuse, substance abuse, especially smoking campaigns, environment preservation and campaign against wars. Swarnalatha stands as a sterling example of a sensitive artist who effectively combines her philanthropic fervour and ingenuity on canvas, executing her responsibility as a socially conscious and patriotic citizen. Her unique human images with classic features capture the intrinsic human reactions to diverse stimuli in a society undergoing rapid transition.

Swarnalatha’s paintings bring alive techniques and images of India’s rich cultural heritage, which form the backdrop of her themes. A riot of colours and images of celestial birds and animals as well as inspiration drawn from Indian epics and priceless ancient Indian literature add richness to her unique creations of contorted figurines and figures that convey the message she chooses to deliver, lending a rare beauty to her canvas.

Swarnalatha has created several masterpieces in contemporary art and art based on post-modernism. Swarnalatha is also an art entrepreneur and the founder of Ravi Varma Art Gallery in Chennai. Her altruistic nature impels her to help innumerable people as she teaches poor young students to paint. She also sponsors their education and is involved in many charitable activities. Swarnalatha contributes every coin from her income to the cause of promoting art and empowering the needy as well as women. She is also bent upon creating awareness among women and empowering them to live as financially independent and dignified citizens.

On 8th March 2015, Swarnalatha launched Asian Women’s Foundation in Chennai along with two other women to offer succour and support to distressed women and those subjected to violence. Educating the girl child is another major social goal of the foundation.

Swarnalatha has several exhibitions to her credit including solo shows at Vinyasa Art Gallery, Chennai, Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai, Chola Art Gallery, Chennai, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, Cholamandal Art Gallery, Chennai etc. She has also participated in prestigious group shows in India and abroad including the 5th International Art Fair at Nepal in 2015, SMD Foundation Group Painting Exhibition at Mumbai in 2015, Conceptuails Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai 2015, Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata 2015, 2nd State Conference of Tamil Nadu Federation of Women Lawyers in Madurai 2015, Enhance Group Spandan Way to Soul National Art Exhibition 2015, Spandan A Strong Sweet Smell of Colors National Art Exhibition 2015 , Spandan A Strong Lens on Life National Art Exhibition 2015, SMD Foundation Bangkok Biennale, Thailand 2015, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, Gallery Pioneer, New Delhi, Studio 69, Greater Noida (UP), Labournam and Indigo Gallery, Chennai etc.

The second state Conference of Tamilnadu Women Lawyers Federation held in Madurai on 18 April 2015 was inaugurated by unveiling a painting of Swarnalatha by the Chief Justice of Madras High Court, which was based on violence against women. Titled, ‘Nirbhaya- For the cause of womanhood’, Swarnalatha exhibited 37 exclusive paintings on violence against women during an exhibition conducted as a part of the event.

An advocate of work-life balance, Swarnalatha is supported in all her endeavours by her husband, Chandrasekaran who is a lawyer and her only son. Swarnalatha’s paintings have been appreciated by many art connoisseurs and art lovers. An eminent visitor to her exhibition described that her paintings are a demonstration of a unique blend of multiple media and artistic transitions.

In December 2017 Swarnalatha held "Astrology Arts", a painting exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai. For the first time, Swarnalatha combined the intriguing science of astrology with the aesthetics of her artistic endeavours. Through this exhibition, Swarnalatha used the richness of her painting techniques to depict the celestial bodies and their influences on the lives of human beings.

From this academic year every Thursday Swarnalatha visits the corporation school in  Mandaveli, Chennai and conducts free art classes for children from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM. She supplies all the art materials free of cost to the children, holds competitions for them and also gives away awards. She provides all the art materials to the children during the competitions.

Swarnalatha has created Beginners 'Line Drawing Workbooks' for Levels 1-5 to be included in the school curriculum, which will be released shortly. These easy-to-learn line drawing workbooks have been created after a lot of research and have been designed in a manner as to make the teaching of art simple for school children.

Swarnalatha’s expanding repertoire of ingenious creations will continue to enrapture global audiences transmitting the splendour of Indian aesthetics while she pledges to continue her paintings for the cause of women and other humanitarian causes. Through the communion of aesthetics and philanthropy, Swarnalatha will spread the message of humanitarianism.

  • Grandeur Social Responsibility Award – Rotary Club – 2016
  • Anbu Palam Special Award– 2016
  • Ajantha Fine Arts Women Achiever Award– 2016
  • International Women’s Day Women Achiever Award – 2016
  • #100 Women Achiever Award 2016 – Ministry of Women & Children
  • Women Achiever Award of Excellence 2002, for More Promising Talent
  • Best Painting – “Spandan’s Art.. Lens on Life”, New Delhi 2015

The list of exhibitions conducted across the country:

  • Vinyasa Art Gallery Chennai 1999
  • Lalit Kala Academy Chennai 2000
  • Chola Art Gallery 2001
  • India Habitat Centre New Delhi 2013
  • Lalit Kala Academy Chennai 2014
  • Cholamandal Art Gallery Chennai 2015
  • Astrology Arts - Lalit Kala Academy Chennai 2017
  • Participated in 5th International Art Fair at Nepal in 2015
  • SMD Foundation Group Painting Exhibition at Mumbai 2015
  • Conceptuails Lalit Kala Academy Chennai 2015
  • Birla Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata 2015
  • 2nd State Conference of Tamil Nadu Federation of Women Lawyers in Madurai 2015
  • Enhance Group Spandan Way to Soul National Art Exhibition 2015
  • Spandan A Strong Sweet Smell of Colors National Art Exhibition 2015
  • Spandan A Strong Lens on Life National Art Exhibition 2015
  • SMD Foundation Bangkok biennale thailand 2015
  • Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
  • Gallery Pioneer, New Delhi
  • Studio 69, Greater Noida (UP)
  • Labournam and Indigo Gallery, Chennai
  • Art Conclave London 2015
  • Art World Gallery, Chennai 2016
  • Infinit – Women Artist Show, Chennai 2016
  • Mirror Canvas – A Womens Painting Group Show, Pondicherry 2016